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Can You Build And Lead Teams?  

23 November, 2015 Posted by John G. Self
Can you build and lead teams?   That is a common question in most interviews, especially those that use the behavior and values approach to sorting out candidates.  Since employees are an organization’s most important and valuable asset, I think that question is spot on. When it is framed in that manner, interviewers are focusing […] Read more»

Five Essential Elements of Leadership [VIDEO]

11 November, 2015 Posted by John G. Self
Today we’re going to talk about the essential elements of leadership.  If you’re an early careerist and you’re just beginning your life of leadership I want to share five things that are absolutely critical to ensure your success. You’ve got to be a good role mode and that means you have to have integrity.  You […] Read more»

If You Want the Job, Then Close the Deal

30 October, 2015 Posted by John G. Self
BIRMINGHAM — Attention candidates, if you want the job then close the deal. Landing that great new executive assignment, or winning that big internal promotion, requires an important leadership skill — great communication and the ability to motivate people to action.  Sell them.  Yes, you have to be a good at sales and close the […] Read more»