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Silent Trends: Healthcare Change Is On The Track

19 February, 2014 Posted by Becky Pearce
As we move inexorably to a series of regulatory and reimbursement changes irritated by congressional ineptitude, certain silent trends are emerging that will alter key aspects of the healthcare management infrastructure. These not-yet visible trends revolve around leadership, career management, talent acquisition and retention, and the types of businesses we are in.  Some of these […] Read more»

Too Many Degrees, Too Many Credentials: A Worrying Sign?

12 February, 2014 Posted by John G. Self
Brand management, a tried and true concept in corporate marketing departments, is a common sense idea that has gained enormous traction among job seekers. It was probably not a new, original thought in the realm of career management coaches in 1995 when I first mentioned the concept of personal brand management, a thinking out loud […] Read more»

Career Management Resolutions

30 December, 2013 Posted by John G. Self
The New Year starts now. Unless you are a senior executive with a retirement plan that is set, or a lucky CEO with a generous golden parachute, you need to invest more time and energy in managing your career brand in 2014. Why? Because a significant number of healthcare executives over the next five to […] Read more»