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Cover Letters Are DOA

19 March, 2014 Posted by John G. Self
I am not going to beat around the bush.  Cover letters are, for most recruiters, DOA.  If your resume doesn’t sell you, the cover letter won’t save you.  With the need for pinpoint screening, and with more and more candidates competing for the top jobs, internal recruiters and external search consultants simply do not have […] Read more»

Leadership Lessons From My Love Affair

7 February, 2014 Posted by John G. Self
John Self is interviewing today so we are sharing a post from February 2013. Have a great weekend! I have a confession to make. For more than eight years I had torrid and wonderfully fulfilling love affair — with the game of baseball as an umpire, working my way up from dad’s pitch games at the […] Read more»

Finding the Leaders of Tomorrow

23 December, 2013 Posted by John G. Self
I enjoy the thrill of finding something new and good and it is very gratifying when others agree.  Music, books, and people — leadership talent — are among my favorite interests. I collect music.  I have eclectic tastes that range from opera to hip hop.  Now that, as they say, covers a lot of territory. […] Read more»